I guess this article is supposed to be inspirational: The “Chief Evangelist” of Brand Marketing at Google suggests that if you feel like you’re too busy to do yoga or meditate, commit to just one minute.

I want to argue, though, that if you feel like you’re too busy for yoga, you ARE TOO BUSY.

Yoga is—in part—about finding balance. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali teach the values of sukha and sthira: strength and action together with ease. The asana practice gives your body the chance to experience what your mind and heart are seeking. Balance.

If your body is telling you you are too busy for yoga, you probably are. Our culture values GOING and EARNING and COMPETING and CONSUMING. Where is the ease? Use that moment to ask yourself, “what matters?” Is one minute with your child or your partner enough?

Widgets can wait. Yoga can bring balance to your life, but only if you commit to balance, not “yoga.”

Give it a try.

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