I want to say a quick thank you to the many people who “liked” and commented on my new yoga portraits on Facebook. I’ve never been one to take “yoga pictures” of myself — even on my many yoga retreats in faraway and beautiful, exotic places. My practice has always been for me.

Lesley-3Now I want to share it by teaching.

Because all of you actually know me in person, I hope that the pictures show you something more than cool things I can do! I hope they give you a glimpse into the power, strength, courage, determination, concentration, and grace that I am constantly seeking through my yoga practice. Yoga reminds me that I can be quiet and fierce, strong and flexible at the same time. I can push myself and then relax fully. Renewed, I can face the challenges of my life.

So, whatever you see in the pictures, I hope you will see those things in yourself, and find a practice to nourish them. I think yoga is a good one.


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