Ladies, what else could we have done with all the mental energy we’ve spent:

Counting calories? Counting carbs? Reading labels?

Craving and denying a simple pleasure?

Hating ourselves for giving in to a simple pleasure?

Dissecting ourselves into body parts we hate?

“Hating” other women?

Staring sideways in the mirror and hating what we see?

Staring at our own (and each others’) faces too closely, examining every detail of an eyebrow, a lip line, the size of our pores, and feeling somehow that those things actually MEANT something about our SELVES?

It’s complicated, I know. And I’m not blaming us, or each other, or even “society.”

I’m not blaming, but I AM going to try to do something about it.

MBS Yoga, with the support of Trinity Healing Foundation, are working to expand women’s and girls’ horizons, to pay more attention to how they FEEL than how they LOOK, and to value themselves for all they can DO and BE.

Learn about the transformative Embody Love Movement workshops we are offering at our information session Sunday, August 4, 5 pm at MBS Yoga.

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