Many years ago (in the last century)—1992—I got to meet one of my childhood sheroes, Gloria Steinem. Mom and I went to the Brazos Bookstore in Houston and she signed our books. During her talk, Gloria gave a piece of advice that has always stuck with me. She said your checkbook (remember, 20th century) should reflect your values. Ever since then, I have always given MONEY to causes I care about, regularly.

I really appreciate that Facebook encourages people to give, bundle and promote their favorite causes and charities for their birthdays. However… and please educate me if I am wrong… I gave to one this morning for a friend’s fundraiser, and I got my receipt from Facebook, not from the organization I gave to. I believe the money we give that way gets to the groups. BUT, what it means (or might mean) is 1) the group doesn’t get my contact info and I lose the opportunity to be more involved in that group, and 2) Facebook gets the tax deduction.

I’m not opposed to tax deductions… but with all the millions of donations Facebook is bundling, IF they are getting the credit, they are getting ONE HELL OF A TAX DEDUCTION.

And… I kinda think Facebook actually owes our country a little, after 2016.

So… I’m not doing a birthday fundraiser through Facebook.

If you are in the spirit of giving, though, here are some Texas groups I endorse for your ongoing (or one time) support (with links to their donation pages:


On Immigrant Rights: Angry Tias and Abuelas of the RGV,  RAICES

On SO MANY things: ACLU of Texas, Texas Freedom Network

Environmental Justice: Sierra Club Lonestar Chapter, t.e.j.a.s., Texas Campaign for the Environment

Reproductive Justice, Rights, Access: Lilith Fund, NARAL Prochoice Texas

Quality Nonprofit Journalism: Texas Observer, Texas Tribune

Worker Rights: Workers Defense Project, Equal Justice Center


There are so many… Please give to someone if you can! If you want to tell me you, great! 🙂

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