Pay Attention lotusSpring is bursting out all over! It’s hard NOT to notice all the new growth—purple mountain laurel that smells like grape kool-aid, red bud trees, yellow jasmine and orange trumpet vine. Next will come the open fields of Texas bluebonnets and Indian paint brush.

Last December I led a workshop on setting resolutions that stick. Spring is a great time to return to those forgotten intentions of the new year. What have you been paying attention to? What ideas or beliefs have been germinating underground without your conscious attention? Those grow, too, just like the bluebonnets you forgot all about on the side of the road.

Attention has a lot to do with intention. Buddhists often use the metaphor of watering seeds to describe the process by which ideas come to take root and blossom into reality. What you pay attention to, what you feed with the energy of your thoughts, whether conscious or unconscious, will grow. Vision-boarding or dream boarding can be a fun way to unearth or remind yourself of forgotten or neglected dreams. I’m starting my own dream board online at I’m just getting started, but you can track my progress and start a dream board of your own there!

Also, stay tuned for a vision boarding workshop this spring!

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