Here I am posing with Planned Parenthood around 2009.

This photo is a little fuzzy, kinda like my memory. But it actually wasn’t THAT long ago that I was honored to serve as the Chief Lobbyist for the Texas Association of Planned Parenthood Affiliates. It was a job that I had been working toward for years—a DREAM come true to get to work for reproductive justice under the inspirational leadership of Cecile Richards, and all the amazing state and local leaders in the Planned Parenthood family. At that time, I considered it the pinnacle of my advocacy career.

I grew up in a time when abortion was legal and we described ourselves as “pro-choice” — because at that time, safe, legal abortion was still an option for those with the means to access it. Since the 80s, though, the right wing has chipped away at that “choice.” Also, my political analysis has evolved and matured, and I understand better the many barriers that still exist(ed) for, well, probably most women. Today, I fight for reproductive justice—an all out effort to secure the right to reproductive healthcare for all people who need it.

Planned Parenthood is still at the center of this fight. In fact, they’ve been the bullseye in the target of the most virulent and sustained anti-women, anti-reproductive justice effort waged nationally, statewide and even locally. 

That’s why I chose Planned Parenthood as the beneficiary of my first social justice fundraiser organized under BeCause Yoga. It’s felt so good to reconnect to my activist roots, and reignite my righteous anger over the widespread injustices being promulgated against people seeking health care services (Planned Parenthood provides primary and reproductive health care services to ALL people, including trans men and women), all under the cynical banner of so-called “pro-life.”

I started BeCause Yoga to promote and provide wellness programs including yoga, somatic experiencing, meditation and other embodied practices for individual wellbeing and collective empowerment. 

Your support helps me do that!

Proceeds raised from sponsorships for the Poses for Planned Parenthood event will go to Planned Parenthood South Texas. Proceeds from regular ticket sales will go to BeCause to support my efforts to bring yoga to the staff of Planned Parenthood and other front-line social justice organizations at no cost to them. Make your contribution here

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