Pay Attention antWhen I was in Guatemala on retreat, every morning on my way to get coffee in the dining room I saw this tiny hole (it’s about the size of a quarter) surrounded by bits and pieces of leaves. As people started moving around, the leaves would be scattered or swept away. I never saw the leaves going into the hole or being pushed out or arranged outside it, but it happened every day I was there. One afternoon, I saw a little ant carrying a piece of leaf in the direction of the hole. He had a long way to go. And I wondered how many of them there were. I only ever saw that one.

Also on this trip I was lucky to have the opportunity to consult with a Mayan healer. While we were talking, an ant crawled on my hand. I moved my hand so the ant would crawl off and back onto the table. The healer told me that when an ant comes to visit, it is telling you to get to work!

In context of all I’m doing right now, and all I’m thinking about, it made sense to me! I’m glad I noticed the little ants making their welcome mat around the hole. It made the healer’s message more poignant.

What did you pay attention to this month?

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