Attention change makers—activists, educators, advocates, organizers, policy makers, coalition builders, social workers, artists, poets and musicians:

You need yoga!

Audre LordeNow more than ever, those working on the front lines for change are bearing the full force of wave after crashing wave of trauma—directly and indirectly. And your body doesn’t know the difference! The ongoing existential threats of climate change. A global pandemic exposing the great injustices of our health care system, the labor market, housing, education, the economy. A civil uprising in response to extraordinary violence against black bodies being met with extraordinary violence. It’s really A LOT to HANDLE.

Your body needs a break. Yoga works on many levels to regulate your nervous system and move and discharge energy.

If you are an activist, advocate, organizer, policy maker, social worker or artist, please join my facebook group: Resources for the Resistance. In that group, I provide almost daily resources for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, as well as access to FREE online and live streamed yoga sessions and guided meditations created by me just for you.

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