Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the lives of girls and women?

Are you tired of hearing body shaming, criticism, and comparison from your friends,

daughters, and teachers?

Does the way the media portrays what is beautiful and valuable make you cringe?

Have you recovered from negative body image or an Eating Disorder?


I have!

That’s why I’m working with MBS Fitness and Trinity Healing Foundation to provide the transformative self-esteem and positive body image program, Embody Love Movement to girls and women throughout San Antonio.

Embody Love Movement’s mission is to empower girls and women to celebrate their inner beauty, commit to kindness, and contribute to meaningful change in the world. 

ELM workshops come in four different formats and with age appropriate curricula for girls and women ages 7-100. Participants are led through interactive exercises, embodied yoga practices, and truthful conversations that open them to changing the way they view themselves and others. Participants leave recognizing that who they are inside is what matters about them and that their external appearance is not what determines their worthiness.


Embody Love Movement Programs Ready for YOU!


For Girls Ages 7-11: Love In-Shine Out

Love In-Shine Out™ is an interactive workshop that takes girls, ages 7-11, on a journey toward love and acceptance of themselves and others. Participants learn that what they think, feel, say, and do impacts the people around them. Once participants are able to see and experience themselves as beautiful from the inside out and commit to kindness toward themselves and others, they have the opportunity to realize what matters to them and about them. Love In-Shine Out™ is taught by trained Embody Love Movement® facilitators with one facilitator per 10 girls. The Curriculum is adjustable based on age of girls and length of time available.

Activities include: 

  • Media Literacy
  • Circle of Trust
  • Yoga Basics
  • Mirror Exercises
  • Be The Beauty Within You
  • Shine Your Light
  • Hello Beautiful
  • Making Waves
  • President for a Day


For girls ages 12-18: The Inner Beauty Shop

The Inner Beauty Shop™ is an interactive workshop for girls or women, ages 12 – 18, that allows participants an opportunity to find the beauty within themselves and those around them. Each beauty shop is a transformative experience that includes several interactive and embodied activities, including yoga. The objectives for the workshop are:

  • Media Literacy
  • Yoga Practice
  • Changing the conversation around body shaming
  • Committing to Compassion

The outcome of the Inner Beauty ShopTM is that participants are able to recognize their own impact on the collective and internal conversation about beauty, love-ability, and worth. Participants will leave knowing that who they are is what matters and that their external appearance is not what makes them worthy of love.


For girls ages 12-18: Embody Love in Action

The Embody Love In Action program is a series of course classes that takes participants on a journey into self-acceptance. The course culminates in a campus-wide campaign to create a community of students who unconditionally love and respect themselves and each other. The program is designed for ages 12-18.

Course Structure
The Embody Love In Action course can be offered in five 1-hour sessions over a period of five days or five weeks. This type of structure offers flexibility to different types of groups and campuses.  Through a series of encouraging activities and ‘homework’, participants can begin a personal transformation from self-doubt to self-worth.

Course objectives

  • Deflating the myth of not enough
  • Freedom from body shaming and projection
  • Self-acceptance
  • Self Compassion
  • Love in Action: committing to change


For adults: Embody Love Workshop

Embody Love Workshop™ is a 2-3 hour transformational workshop for adult women ages 19 and up that takes participants on a journey toward self-acceptance. The goal is for women to set new intentions about how they feel, think, and speak to themselves and others. Participants are offered the opportunity to engage in process exercises in which they explore their internalized beliefs about beauty and self-worth and are given the tools to understand that these negative beliefs have a detrimental impact on their viewing themselves as purposeful and worthy.  Interactive exercises include:

  • Dismantling the “beauty myth”
  • Changing the conversation from criticism to kindness
  • Embodied yoga experience
  • Committing to being kind to ourselves, and therefore each other
  • Seeing and experiencing ourselves as worthy from the inside out
  • Recognizing our contributions through conscious activism

Contact Lesley Ramsey Lesley@mbslife.com for more information or to have one of our trainers give a workshop for your group!

Why San Antonio Needs Embody Love Movement

At the end of 2018, the women of the San Antonio City Council promoted and passed a gender equity resolution, acknowledging the need for continued progress for women on many social and economic fronts. 

  • Women in San Antonio still earn less than men, own fewer businesses, and have less access to capital than their male counterparts.  
  • San Antonio has had only 28 women serve as either mayors and councilwomen and 75 men in those roles.
  • Women make up only 39 percent of the current membership of the City’s boards and commissions.
  • Although the rate of teen pregnancy in San Antonio has declined over the last decade, the rate of repeat pregnancies among teens in Bexar County remains high, more than 50%  higher than the national average.
  • Women make up half of the total U.S. college-educated workforce, but only 29% of the science and engineering workforce. Hispanics, blacks, and American Indians/Alaska Natives make up a smaller share of the science and engineering workforce (11%) than their proportion in the general population (27% of U.S. working age population).

We applaud institutional approaches to solving these inequities! At MBS, we want to work on the psychological, social and cultural fronts to help instill in girls and women a greater sense of confidence in their full human potential. Embody Love Movement programs will challenge the dominant social messages girls and women receive and come to believe about themselves based on their appearance, weight, beauty and heteornormative sexual desirability.

Getting started in San Antonio

In June, MBS Fitness, Trinity Healing Foundation and MBS Yoga Director Lesley Ramsey brought Embody Love Movement’s Executive Director, Dr. Tiffany Denny, a highly experienced yoga instructor and PhD physical therapist, to San Antonio to train 9 women to facilitate these powerful workshops.

Why MBS?

At MBS Fitness, we believe wellness requires a holistic approach that integrates the needs of Mind, Body and Soul. Strong bodies need strong hearts, both physically and metaphorically. Embody Love Movement fortifies girls and women from the heart so that they can develop a loving relationship to themselves and their bodies that includes overall wellness and fitness as a means to health and vitality. Founded in 2005 by owner and personal trainer Joshua Levine, MBS offers personal training, crossfit, pilates and yoga at three locations to strengthen the body in balance with the mind and heart. Our yoga studio doubles as an art gallery featuring stimulating works by contemporary artists. This creates a liberating atmosphere for creative movement, and encourages soul-nourishing introspection and relaxation. MBS Yoga was voted Best Yoga Studio by the readers of the San Antonio Current in 2018.

With MBS’s commitment to wellness and the health of the whole person as an underlying value, we look forward to bringing our message to the broader community through Embody Love Movement.

Our participation in Embody Love Movement will not only empower girls and women in San Antonio; it will also build the strength of the program organization by greatly increasing its reach and, importantly, diversity. 

Lesley Ramsey brings to this project nearly 20 years of experience as a public policy advocate working on women’s health issues. She led a coalition of doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, counselors and others to push passage of the Texas Women’s Health Program, which expanded access to Medicaid to hundreds of thousands women across Texas. She was voted Class Pass’ Best Yoga Instructor in San Antonio in 2018.

Our Plan: For MBS to be the primary outreach organization placing facilitators to provide the Embody Love Movement programs to communities throughout San Antonio.

Our Goal for the Program: To reach 500 girls and women with these transformative workshops in our first year and continue growing over the next decade.