Selfcare Caucus is a personal wellness program by Lesley Ramsey (me!) and BeCause Yoga designed specifically for the tireless advocates, legislative staff and members of the Texas Legislature. I remember those long days and longer nights; the seemingly endless hearings that drag into the wee hours. I have eaten Altoids for dinner and washed them down with wine! 

The 87th Session will prove to be unlike any other. As I write this description, we still don’t know if, how, whether or where committee meetings will be held! Whatever decisions get made, the context of Covid will create additional stressors, requiring adaptability, resilience and clarity.

The Selfcare Caucus program is designed to increase your energy and stamina for the long days, strengthen inner resources for when you feel frazzled and embattled, teach you and remind you to create calm for yourself when there is chaos all around. 

This is not a generic meditation or exercise program. I will be following the session and offer practices and tools that are pertinent to current events and to your work.

The program is centered around movement, embodied practices like stretching and breathing, and contemplative practices like meditation, writing and drawing.

What you get

Twice weekly emails with suggested practices chosen for their relevance to current events at the Texas Capitol: 

  • to energize you when you need that
  • to calm you when you need that
  • to build strength
  • to soothe your aching back and feet
  • stretches and movement you can do in the committee rooms, in the cafeteria, or at your desk. 

24/7 Access to Video Library with more than 40 videos (and growing), including:

  • 5 min meditations to ground you when your mind is racing
  • 5-10 min breathing exercises to energize you when you feel sluggish
  • 5-10 min movement and breath practices to energize
  • 20-30 min movement practices to loosen up stiff shoulders, necks and hips after sitting
  • 60 min full spectrum yoga practices in a variety of styles to get out of your left brain and into an intuitive, embodied space
  • Longer guided meditations to induce relaxation and deep sleep, when you can get it! 

Access to Private Facebook Group to build community and support each other’s well being throughout the session.

What you get OUT of it

  • Simple practices to help you refocus your attention, getting out of your head and into your body
  • Restorative movement and meditation to down regulate the nervous system after a long day of activation
  • Rejuvenating exercise when you need an energy boost — better than caffeine and better for you! 
  • Support to develop a program that is time flexible and meets the unique needs of your body, mind and emotions
  • A personalized self care routine to build structure into long super-fluid days
  • Scientifically proven stress-management and stress-reduction techniques
  • Quiet time for yourself to restore mind, body and spirit so you can be fully present for family and friends when you get to see them
  • Contemplative practices to keep your focus on what matters
  • Improved energy, flexibility and range of motion
  • Physical strength and stamina

How it works

This program launches on Tuesday, January 12. Sign up here . On January 12, you will receive your first or two weekly emails with tips on creating your own personalized self care routine, links to curated videos to try whenever works for you, an invitation to our private Facebook group, and a link to the complete Video Library!  Your membership will renew automatically on the first of the month. There is no penalty for unsubscribing. 

Your investment

This monthly self care subscription made specifically for you costs $30/month OR $135 for 140 days. (Use Promo Code 140days when you sign up for 25% off 6 months = $135).

You know the toll the session can take on your body. It’s not always going to be possible to eat a healthy meal, go for a run or get to the gym. But you are always with yourself; you are always in your body. This program will help you use what you’ve got, when and where you’ve got it to stay mobile, fight fatigue, revive and restore tired muscles and joints, and cultivate the inner resources you need to stay clear, organized, and strong until Sine Die.

About Lesley Ramsey

I spent the first two decades of my professional life as a progressive organizer, rabble rouser, coalition builder and facilitator, advocate, and lobbyist. After an accomplished career in fighting mode, I took a break to reassess tactics and conduct a sort of cost-benefit analysis of that work on my life. I moved to San Antonio for love. I did some grieving I had been “too busy” to do before. And, after 20 years of study and practice, I became a full time yoga teacher. I am E-RYT 500 certified through Yoga Alliance, a Certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga instructor through the Grace Tree Foundation, and a certified Embody Love Movement Facilitator. I serve on the board of the Esther Vexler School of Yoga.